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 We are a recruitment firm with vast experience in various sectors that can provide you with your complete human resource needs.  Founded in 2018, InterStellar Solution has broadened its boundaries through incorporation of various sectors and verticals from IT recruitment to non IT recruitments. The team has been specially trained to hand pick the best from the best and deliver on its promises.  Our capacity to meet the versatile demands of our clients has catapulted us to becoming a apex competitor in our field. With unparalleled skill and talent in the filed through experience and knowledge, we are on the way to becoming a top firm in the field. Why Us?  Through years of experience we have acquired a lot of knowledge about technology and ideas about the requirements of the IT sectors and the responsibilities that comes with each post. Getting to the technical details of each of the vacancies we manage enables us to select candidates that impress at interviews  Though we pride ourselves as one of the top firms in IT recruitment, our skills and talents in other sectors is no less. With good knowledge and recruitment experiences from various sectors, we have recruiters who expertise in other sectors capable of screening the candidates through the interview and select the right ones. Besides IT firms, InterStellar Solution also recruits candidates for other sectors. Verticals and Industries  IT and Telecom  Sales and Marketing  Media and Entertainment  IOT  Pharma and Healthcare  HR and Finance positions  Artificial Intelligence  Education  Operations and Senior positions  Engineering  Retail  Manufacturing

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